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Pulse jet bag filters are usually used in industrial plants. Production during or filling-discharge-transfer, is performed as occurring dust is collected by vacuum and clean the air of parses. In this way, the clean air is discharged into the atmosphere powder is transported to the desired location. Filters company's property, the nature of the powder, the density of the dust, they are designed according to the duration of exposure.




Pulse jet filters, although they work with a compact centrifugal fan. absorbed a high concentration of the centrifugal fan through the vacuum made by the dusty gas enters the filter housing. dust on the filter housing are contained in a continuous flow toward the fan. in the filter housing to get out of the dusty gas from the filter housing are forced to move from the surface of the bag. During this transition if they keep the dust bag surface layer. Clean the fan air through the pores of the bag, here they are mixed in the atmosphere.

dust in the bag surface, thanks to the filter cleaning system in the body is continuously cleaned periodically. This cleaning; compressed air in the filter housing, the electronic system by opening the solenoid valves in certain periods due to take place between 4-6 bar compressed air reverse.

After cleaning, the dust falling into the conical filter bags can be made from the transfer to the desired location.