Dust Collection Systems

Jet Pulse Filters

Bagged Filters

Onay Makina produces spare parts with Dust Collection Systems, Jet Pulse Filters and Bag Filters.


experience it has gained in over 10 years in the field reveals the exact solutions, bringing new technology and design. Without compromising quality, business-oriented principle of our company is closely following the technological innovations as a production, increase the variety of products every day.


Our company projects, technical consulting, on-site detection of problems and needs, and provide continuous services such as maintenance and technical service.


Within our company has worked in dozens of turnkey projects with young dynamic technical staff continue to progress confidently in the industry

It is.


Our mission


Follow the technological innovation in order to contribute to the institutions and services, the company of their needs and international quality standards to produce suitable products. Also taking into consideration the universal and ethical values ​​in the area preferred by the industry and to contribute to the national economy.


our vision


Dust Collection Systems  with the machine right technology value-added offering valuable solutions, enabling rapid adaptation to technological developments, keeping the customer satisfaction at the highest level and to progress towards becoming a world brand in its sector.