Dust Collection Systems

Jet Pulse Filters

Bagged Filters

Industrial areas and used human nature to have an important place with dust, smoke, oil, gas, and many substances are compact system that can separate from the others.


Prevention of increased environmental awareness of people today harmful industrial waste is gaining importance in the inevitable. Bag Jet Filters are still in business as well as the people and the environment. Filters released products or raw nature powder is collected through reintegration process.

Property Fair

Compact Designs



1000 m³ / h and 1,000,000 m³ / h up to the air intake flow,

1 m2 to 10,000 m2 filtration area,

-50 0C to 400 0C up to working temperature,

Acidic, basic, non-flammable and is compatible with every type of dust burner,

5-10 microns and 1-2 mm with a dusting property,

Dust Filter Systems

Pulse jet filter for the needs of the business, they are designed and manufactured according to the size where to deploy. the way to the final results in the dust collection system is going through right calculations. All versatile that can be used against dust bag or filters in the industrial business are suitable for almost all kinds of dust filtration application.


According to Business Process and specially designed pulse jet filters will be placed according to where the body structure; Square, rectangular or round as they are designed. Ideal for all dedusting are used as industrial processes. Filter Bags are used to separate dust and air dust concentration, dust structure, temperature, etc. It is selected to be specific. Design and manufacture of filter without requiring long-term care or made a flawless work with the same efficiency.